1960 Ford Ranch Wagon

'60 Ford Ranch Wagon. It has been dinged in the front and the bumper is bent and front fenders kinked. I need to replace the side glass as it is separating and cracked. Does anyone have any recommendations as to where to get glass made? I have a replacement windshield and the tailgate glass is good. Where can I find rubber for the windows as it is cracked and brittle and not reusable? email me with suggestions

1960 Ford Ranch Wagon. 27,136 were produced that year. Originally an Oklahoma car with a 292 V-8 Fordomatic. A previous owner installed a 1963 352 V-8 with a Cruise-O-Matic. He also installed power steering. The engine runs but not all accessories are buttoned down. The shift linkage hasn't been hooked up to the steering wheel and the column is out. The bracket for the power steering reservoir hasn't been attached to the fenderwell. I plan a junkyard run to Jack's Auto Ranch to see what I need to get it all sorted out. He has a '60 sedan with a 352 V-8, Cruise-O-Matic drivetrain that I can use for reference and parts

1960 Ford Dashboard. The steering column is off from the change to a Cruise-O-Matic. I'm not sure if the linkage is the same as the Fordomatic. It's a good excuse to head to the salvage yard to find out. I'll have to locate a complete steering wheel too. The floor is in bad shape and will need patching. The interior is shot, does anyone reproduce '60 Ford upholstery? Email me

The back is in decent shape. It does have rust in the panel between the spare tire well and the back of car. The spare tire well and tail gate are in good shape. I want to replace the wiring loom completely as the insulation is very brittle. Any suggestions as to who can supply this?

It has a '63 352 V8 with a 2 barrel carb. I am missing the top bracket for the radiator. It does have AC, but it is not original to the car and came with the newer engine. Are there any brake upgrades available for these cars? It has manual brakes now.

The passenger door is banged up but a replacement came with the car. I have located the chrome for the wings. I could use a pair of nice Ranch Wagon scripts. Email me if have some.